Mark your calendars for January 30, 2017 - March 10, 2017 and plan to join us in Anniston, Alabama.

This 6-week course includes classroom instruction, field exercises, and certification. Classroom instruction begins on Monday, January 30, 2017 at 8:00 AM CST at AMK9 Academy: 265 Rucker Street, Anniston, AL. 

Equipment Needed: K9 and all K9 Equipment. Students must have a fully-trained, dual purpose patrol K9 to participate. 

Certifications: Auburn/AMK9 certification using NAPWDA standards

Course Duration: 6 weeks

Daily Start time: 8:00 AM Central Time  

Cost: $3600

Accomodations: AMK9 has an agreement with a local hotel to allow our students to keep their dogs in the room at no extra charge. Click here to view our local Alabama accomodations. 

T-shirt: Tshirt included with paid registration. Please indicate the correct size on your registration form. 

Please feel free to contact Kevin Beck for further information on how to purchase a fully-trained dual purpose dog from the AMK9 Law Enforcement Division at 910-279-4343 or

This is a basic K9 handler course where the handler receives instruction to properly operate his/her K9 partner at the highest level of performance.  Handlers will negotiate a challenging course with their K9 partner that will include student academics, patrol or police services, explosives or drug detection, tracking with operational scenarios.  Graduates will have passed written tests and performance evaluations throughout the course to include a final evaluation to meet AMK9’s high standards.  An AMK9 certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of the course.  The curriculum will include:

  • K9 and handler safety to reduce the possibilities of accidents and associated legalities
  • Care for the K9 to include grooming, symptoms of illness and disease, sanitation, disease control, identification of internal and external parasites, administering medications, first aid, conducting K9 Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), feeding and disinfection of equipment
  • Nutrition and K9 physical conditioning to optimize K9 performance
  • Proper housing in accordance with federal requirements
  • The handler will receive instruction on the science principles behind K9 training.  The curriculum will cover the K9’s basic needs and describe the K9’s various sensing systems
  • Utilize the best techniques and patterns to search open areas, vehicles, buildings, freight, luggage and optional areas such as maritime vessels and aircraft
  • Receive training aid material safe handling, proper storage, security, transportation and contamination control
  • Handler protection, apprehension, gun fire control, suspect detection in building and outside open area
  • Tracking-trailing in rural and urban areas
  • Improvised Explosive Devices and Home Made Explosives identification and recognition
  • Demonstrate proper documentation of K9 training and utilization records to increase reliability, data collection, identify training deficiencies and track corrective actions
  • Negotiate challenging operational scenarios for stronger operational performance
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